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Models & Toys

Ranging from diecast cars to highly-detailed model kits, collecting scale-model automobiles can be a big part of a car memorabilia display. Automotive themed toys as well as licensed toys from television and movies add a fun and unusual dimension to a collection.

Gold & Silver Pawn in Las Vegas
Located just a few blocks from Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Gold & Silver Pawn rocketed to fame in History Channel's "Pawn Stars" and spawned a Vegas reality show empire. The pawn shop is fun to visit and a great source of fascinating car memorabilia.

Car Memorabilia as Desk Art: Mattel Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels are the muscle-mites of car collecting. Since 1968, these highly detailed 1:64 scale toy cars have delighted collectors with accurate styling and quality.

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth Rat Fink Diecast Cars
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth is one of the artists that defined Kustom Kulture, the style that captured car culture of different eras showcasing the artwork, vehicles and clothing of the subculture. The estate of Ed Roth offers a series of diecast vehicles capturing the classic Rat Fink character and other rad rods.

Top 1:43 Scale Die Cast Car Companies
1:43 scale cars are one of the most popular types of car memorabilia. From fanciful hot rods to accurate renditions of production cars, these companies have something for every collector.

Top 1:12 Scale Die Cast Cars
1:12 scale translates to one-inch equals one-foot. As a result, 1:12 scale diecast cars are quite a bit larger than tranditional models. An 18-foot car will create an 18-inch model. However, with the larger size, the models can be very detailed and lifelike. Check out some of the coolest 1:12 scale cars and vehicles available.

Licensed NHRA Red Toy Dragster
Licensed by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), this 21-inch toy dragster is authentically detailed and decaled like a Top Fueler.

Las Vegas Toy Shack
Located in Neonopolis at the end of The Fremont Street experience, the Las Vegas Toy Shack has something for every toy car collector.

Ridemakerz Toy Car Customizing Experience
Ridemakerz offers kids of all ages a chance to build their own custom car, either online or at one of the Ridemakerz shops.

Kellog's NASCAR Diecast Miniature Cars
Kellogg's Company is a long time supporter and sponsor of NASCAR. Most recently, driver Carl Edwards and the #99 team take to the track in some of the coolest cars on wheels. Fans can enjoy the stylish racers as diecast miniatures for a reasonable price.

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